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Divorce and Separation Coaching

As a child of Divorce, I was well acquainted with the agonizing disruption that divorce can cause a family.  However, it was my own divorce that solidified the heart-wrenching agony of surgically separating two intertwined lives – the chaos of grieving a future I would never have, mixed with the volcanic anger of betrayal, and the desperate panic of being left alone to pick up the pieces.  Attempting to rebuild a reasonable future while ensnared in the unrelenting agony was painful. But the suffering was optional.

In divorce coaching, I provide the critical tools, necessary resources, and unlimited support to navigate this turbulent experience, and reach the ideal future.  During this process, we:

  • Explore core strengths and values and learn how to leverage these skills to move forward

  • Identify and Clarify what your ideal future looks like; from here we reverse engineer the journey to reach this future

  • Learn coping skills and inner resources you have at your disposal during moments of crisis

  • Process the pain/anger/betrayal to begin the healing process

  • Identify ways to ensure you thrive through and after your divorce


In addition to coaching, I am also credentialed in nutrition, energy healing (IET), and am a volunteer crisis counselor.  When needed, I share these additional tools to ensure you are fully support and thoroughly immersed in the process of healing, grieving, and moving forward with grit and tenacity.

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