The Hero's Journey - 6 month transformation

The Hero's Journey - 6 month transformation

For Executives and Entrepreneur's looking to recreate their organizations and themselves with bold and fearless actions. 


The Hero's Journey is a 6-month engagement where we will design your ultimate life and the Ulimate Organization.  We will target, clarify and refine the changes you would like to see, reverse engineer how to get there, and then take measureable action towards arriving at those goals.  We will meticulously plan each step and deliver the results that you desire in any area of your business and your life.  


During this process, I will help you gain clarity around your goals, navigate fears, break through emotional limitations, and move forward in a meaningful way.  We will identify your strengths and explore how to leverage them for the most powerful impact. With coaching on communication, leadership, decision-making, and strategy, you will be poised to meaningfully impact and grow your organization. 


Making changes in your organization can be an adventure.  Together, we will make the journey inspiring and the results outstanding. 


Included in this package, you will receive:

  • An intial 3-hour discovery session where we will map your strengths, values, saboteurs, allies, and get clarity around your future goals
  • Four 60 minute meetings per month, or three 90 minute meetings per month
    • These can be done in person in the Los Angeles area, via skype or phone 
  • Unlimited email support
  • Daily energy boost each morning (clients RAVE about these blessings!) 
  • Daily inspiration delivered via email
  • A personal branding session ($100 value)
  • A step by step workbook to help you design your life ($30 value)