Career Journey Mapping - 3 month engagement

Career Journey Mapping - 3 month engagement

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Three Month Engagement. 


During the career mapping process, we will gain clarity on future goals and then design your ultimate life around those areas - the harmonious relationship, financial abundance, fulfilling career, vibrant health - anything your heart desires!  Then we will work towards attaining your ultimate professional life with simiple, manageable steps to shift your career in the right direction. 


I will help your navigate your fears, process emotional blockages, and move forward in a meaningful way.  We will dive deep into your inner world, identify saboteurs, allies, strengths and values and explore how to leverage these incredible aspects of your psyche.  Making changes in your life can be a fun adventure, and I will be your partner on that journey! 


This package is wonderful for anyone feeling stuck, wanting to move to the next level, or anyone needing guidance or support attaining a goal.  Included in this package, you will receive:

  • A 3-hour discovery session where we will identify your strengths, values, saboteurs, allies, and gain extreme clarity around your compelling purpose
  • Four 60 minute meetings per month, or three 90 minute meetings per month
    • These can be done in person in the Los Angeles area, via skype or phone 
  • Unlimited email support
  • Daily energy boost each morning (clients RAVE about these blessings!) 
  • Daily inspiration delivered via email
  • A step by step workbook to help you design your career ($30 value)